Me. Wine. We're not strangers.

Me. Wine. We're not strangers.

In 2009 I moved to France with my family. Thanks to an expatriate assignment for a former employer, we were overseas for three years. As has been the case for so many others, what happened to us was transformational. We travelled, we ate, we socialized, we made friends, we had our second child, we struggled and we thrived. We ultimately didn’t want to leave.

We were tourists during those years. While we made friends and enjoyed our little quartier, we never quite settled in. We knew we were in transition. With a house back in the US and a storage locker full of stuff, there was going to be a point in time where our grand séjour came to an end. It did on June 30, 2012… or so we thought.

We’re back now. For many different reasons, we’ve sold the house, donated, given away, or trashed most of our old belongings, packed up the kids, and returned to live in a two bedroom third-floor walkup just steps from where we were tourists for those years. Only this time, we plan on staying for a while. It's almost like we never left.  

As I write in my first post to this blog, one of my regrets—one I’m able to correct, thankfully—is that I didn’t get really learn as much as I would have liked about the things that I liked about France. This blog endeavors to make amends as it concerns the cheese category. Somewhere in these pages I hope to demystify cheese (if only for myself), learn more about its fabrication and history, understand its presence at the table in both starring and supporting roles, and in doing so, learn more about the country we’ve chosen to call home. (And the neighbors, too. I hear they make cheese outside of France.)

Nous sommes de retour. We’re glad to be back.