The Wedding Gift: 14 Pounds of Cheese!

The Wedding Gift: 14 Pounds of Cheese!

This is one of several posts from my three trips to the US during the months of June and July 2016. For the rest, follow this link.

We will typically visit the States twice a year—once in the summer and once in the winter—to see friends and family. With friends were getting married at end of June, this summer’s visit gave us a great excuse to pull kids out of school 10 days early and fly directly to Boston for the first week of our visit.

These weren’t just any friends we were visiting. The bride, Kathleen, and Mme Fromage have known each other since the age of 5. It is through Kathleen’s sister, whom I worked with about 20 years ago, that Mme Fromage and I met. Kathleen married a spectacular guy of Polish descent named Marek who we first met in 2012 when they visited us in France. That trip remains memorable for several reasons, but as it concerns this blog it was for the dinner we ate one night in Chablis at a restaurant with a huge cheese cart. Marek and I discovered we each liked cheese. When we visited last winter, we learned that comté was really his favorite.

So what sort of wedding present do you get a guy who likes comté? How about a bunch of comté!

Comté millésimé, three years old

Michael, the owner, cuts Beaufort

We headed to Belisson in Clichy the day we were flying out and bought three different comtés, each at different stages of the aging process: an 8 month comté (rather young and fruity), an 18 month comté (here starting to show a richer, slightly saltier flavor), and a 36 month comté (quite hard, on the salty side, with almost a winy flavor). We added to that a delicious Beaufort, from France’s Alpine Savoie region, and a very nice Camembert. Each was hermetically sealed and stashed in the suitcase.

To put things in perspective, check out the Camembert, which is its required size (about 4.3 inches in diameter).

Side view

All in all, we walked out with six kilos of cheese and a rather unique wedding present that their guests and family really enjoyed. On the plus side, we also got to see Michael at Belisson in Clichy, where we ate a lovely lunch of antipasti and wine under the trees, with magnificent Italian and French charcuterie, some pickled vegetables, and of course some delicious cheese.





Hello, World!


Room 11

Room 11

Vive la France

Vive la France